Poems Appendix

Fragment: "I strayed about the deck, an hour tonight"

The Dance


"Sometimes even now I may"

Sonnet: In Time of Revolt

A Letter to a Live Poet

Fragment on Painters

The True Beatitude (Bouts-Rimes)

Sonnet Reversed

It's not going to happen again

The Little Dog's Day



These poems were written at various points between 1907 and 1915. Because he regarded them as either incomplete or juvenilia, Edward Marsh relegated them to the Appendix of The Collected Poems.

Most striking is the first, Fragment: "I strayed about the deck, an hour tonight", Brooke's last, haunting poem written shortly before he died in April 1915. In this, he foresees his own death, and that of his companions in the imminent campaign on Gallipoli