Poems 1912-1913

The Old Vicarage, Grantchester

Beauty and Beauty


Mary and Gabriel


The Busy Heart


The Chilterns


The Night Journey

The Way That Lovers Use

The Funeral of Youth: Threnody


Poems 1912-1913

1912 and 1913 were unhappy years for Rupert Brooke, and his poetic output from this time is correspondingly sparse. In his personal life, he was struggling with the conflicts between the life he led in Grantchester, and the responsibilities of marriage and careers which many of his friends were taking on.

This sense of loss is reflected in many of the works. The Funeral of Youth expresses it explicitly, while The Chilterns tries to belittle it. The best known poem is, however, The Old Vicarage, Grantchester, where it comes out as a longing for home. But while a longing for home can be fulfilled, a longing for the past will always remain unrequited.