The Society normally arranges three events a year, each around an anniversary date associated with Rupert Brooke's life:

April 23rd marks the anniversary of Brooke's death off the Greek island of Skyros in 1915. Past events have included the acclaimed one-man performance of Mark Payton as Rupert Brooke, arriving in full WWI uniform through Grantchester Meadows. Other events have included a reading of Mike Read's Film Script Forever England: The Life of Rupert Brooke and also a tour of The Old Vicarage's gardens.

August 3rd marks Brooke's birthday in 1887. Past events have included a walk through the Chilterns, starting and ending at the Pink and Lily near Princes Risborough, where Brooke and his friends often refreshed themselves after their walks. Also we have held a showing of TV and video footage taken from the Rupert Brooke Archive, covering the 1950s, '70s, '80s and '90s. A couple of years ago we met in Lulworth Cove where we toured the houses in which Rupert Brooke stayed.

November 11th marks Armistice Day. For the last few years we have held a concert at Grantchester Church, followed by a reception at The Orchard. These performances have included Brooke's War Sonnets set to music, plus other music by English composers.

Journal and Newsletter

The Society produces a journal once a year. It includes essays, poems and original research. Selected articles are published on this website - click Articles here or on the index above.

The Society also produces a Newsletter once or twice a year.